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All the world's stage,

All the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts...

William Shakespeare

Red Blossom

Murads Hodzirbajevs

Premiere 9th of October, 2023

Bergen, Norway

"The one-act play "Attack of the jackals" can also be called a black play. The author of the play likes this colour. The dialogue in this author’s plays is particularly laconic and focused, and this can be said especially about his short plays. There are usually few characters in them - two, or three, there are almost no external actions, and all the dramatic load is on the dialogue. Such short and concentrated dialogues can also be found in the plays of Mārtiņš Zīverts."


/Theatre scolar Viktors Hausmanis/


Jackals approached the city howling and whining, baring their teeth... The city is not a forest, the city has its own life, its own rules. Among the three main characters, Guard, Beggar and Lady, the question of their place in this world is addressed.


We each play our role in this theater of life; it all depends on how serious it is...


But maybe that doesn't mean anything?!



Beggar - Valda Gabrjuna

Lady - Inga Raudiņa

Guard - Elza Umure


Directed by: Selīna Briežkalna

Scenography and costumes: Santa Siliņa and Ingmārs Čaklais

Choreography: Ashwini Deshmukh

Assistants: Inga Gete, Dace Čaklais, Inguss Priede, Kristaps Kalnietis, Māris Roberts Čaklais


At the Latvian Diaspora Theater Festival "PLATS Solis 2023" in Bergen, the play received a certificate of appreciation from the Experts, as the best play "For a performance of bright form".

In the evaluation of experts, the performance won the award - Best scenography (Santa Siliņa and Ingmārs Čaklais).


The show was also nominated in the following categories:

Best Play;

Best actress - Inga Raudiņa as the Lady;

Best Choreography - Ashwini Deshmukh;

Best costumes - Santa Siliņa and Ingmārs Čaklais;

Best musical performance.

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Foto #Guntars Līcis un #IngmārsČaklais

Red Blossom
Marta Vaino


Premiere 9th of October, 2021

Münster, Germany

Birmingham Little Theater and the BLT London studio (now London's Theatre "Trepes") had been working together for a long time on a new production, which was expected to premiere soon. But, unexpectedly, when the opportunity arose to go to the theater festival "LAIPA" in Münster and show the play in person, this short play was created at lightning speed.


The director of the show is Ingmārs Čaklais, who likes to ironize about the relationship between the audience and the actors. The director himself also attended to the scenography and costumes, but the artist Santa Siliņa (Ireland) also contributed to the decorations of the show. The creators of the show are grateful to Frederic Chopin for the music.



Usher - Elza Umure (London Theatre “Trepes”)

Water Seller - Inguss Priede (London Theatre “Trepes”)

Bishop Alberts with his son Ainārs - Mārtiņš Vīksna (Birmingham Little Theatre)

Teacher Bērziņa - Dace Čaklā

Affluent Juris - Dzintars Romāns (Birmingham Little Theatre)

Compatriot Rasma - Ance Kazāka (Birmingham Little Theatre)

Andrītis - Ernests Čaklais (Birmingham Little Theatre)

Master - Ivars Keišs (Birmingham Little Theatre)

Master's Assistant - Māris Roberts Čaklais

Program Seller - Elīza Čaklā (Birmingham Little Theatre)


Director - Ingmārs Čaklais


The play was also performed in "Straumēni" and in Burton.

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